With the encouragement and support of Jean Lemon (from Lemonlee Kennels), Aussie and I first tackled the show ring when he was a baby puppy. Aussie won a few classes and he and I both learnt a lot about showing.

Due to work and family committments we then had a break from showing for a couple of years. When we returned to showing in 2016, Aussie quickly gained his title, winning many 'Best of Breed' classes, a number of 'Best State Bred in Group' classes and, with a bit more experience, confidence and expertise, I found that I actually enjoyed the pressure of the show ring. I also started making friends with other breeders and gained a lot from their support and advice.

By the time Aussie gained his 'Australian Champion' title, my knowledge and interest in the Australian Terrier breed had increased and I decided to begin my own breeding programme.

With the arrival of the two girls Tilly and Nikki, I enlisted the help of my granddaughter Briana to assist me at the shows. Both the girls were often compteting against one another and often one would win 'Best of Breed' at a 'morning' show and the other would win 'Best of Breed' at an afternoon show. Nikki was shown almost exclusively by Briana. After a few busy months, Nikki gained her title at 10 months and Tilly gained her title at 9 months. 

I am looking foward to showing one of my new baby puppies later in the year (2018).

Nikki and Tilly at the show

Grandson Floyd competing in Junior Handler at his first show (4 years).

Briana and Nikki - Best of Breed

Tilly - Baby Puppy in group

Briana and Nikki in the show ring.

Briana and Nikki

Tilly in a group line-up

Briana and Nikki


                     Tilly and Nikki (both babies) at a 'winter' show in 2017


August 2017 - Showing in Tasmania in Winter can be a bit of a challenge due to the weather (note the snow on Mt. Wellington in the background). Most of the shows are held outdoors (rain snow hail or sun).


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